Developing a Culture of Safety

We are committed to keep our clients with zero loss time and to keeping their employees healthy and safe in the workplace. Our true value is not just compliance with OSHA, but it is the commitment to saving our clients time and money. We find solutions that protect your employees and help you avoid legal issues and insurance claims. This is what’s involved in developing a culture of safety.

When a company has developed a culture of safety, there is buy-in and understanding from the top, all the way down. The company board, officers, and managers all value the benefits of safety throughout the organization. The new hire doing manual labor also understands that safety is part of his new company’s DNA. For this to happen, well-planned organization and training must be integrated into the structure of the entire company. Nain & Associates is committed to help you work through this complex process—that over time pays incredible dividends.

We’ll help you look at your entire organization and make sure that it is structured in a way that safety issues can’t be ignored and adequate safety training happens at all levels on a continual basis. Then we’ll help you evaluate your policies and procedures to make sure that they adequately incorporate safety solutions and make sure they are implemented throughout the company. Finally, we’ll help you work out a comprehensive safety program that ensures the continuation of the practice of safety over time.

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Organizing for Safety

We can assist your company in developing a safety and health committee and foster participation between management and employees.

Developing A Safety Program

OSHA mandates that your company have a set of safety policies. Nain and Associates can help you create these policies, establish company-wide programs, and train your employees accordingly.

Novopharm Limited

"I've had the opportunity to work with Mr. John Nain for the last 12 years and I have been very impressed with his professionalism, leadership and commitment to safety. He brings a wealth of experience and technical skills to his work. I can continue to rely on Mr. Nain for professional safety advice."

Roberto Ocon, Director EHSS, Novopharm Limited

Health Point/Hart Industrial Clinic

"John is a great presenter. His ability to include the audience is awesome and he is most respectful when answers are not quite what they should have been. His training methods are presented in a clear, concise format with ample descriptions and examples."

Ann Johnson, Marketing Director, Health Point/Hart Industrial Clinic

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