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At times every company is confronted with situations where a workplace safety issue needs to be addressed and in-house resources aren’t adequate, or may not be appropriate. The safety consultants of Nain & Associates are your logical resource for these times.

One very common situation is where company management becomes concerned that an OSHA inspection could result in serious fines. For a multitude of reasons, you should not just wait for the safety inspection and hope for the best. Proactive safety measures can benefit the company’s bottom line in the event of such an inspection; but, even more importantly, they may save a life! Nain & Associates offers safety solutions to ensure that you are in compliance with the OSHA requirements. We work with companies and industries based in Charlotte, NC and throughout the southeast including Atlanta, Greenville/Spartenburg, Asheville and more.

Or perhaps your company isn’t large enough to have a complete in-house safety program. Or maybe you have your own safety department, but you are undertaking a major extra-ordinary project (for example, an industrial turn-around) that requires third party monitoring. Nain & Associates can provide the highest level of expertise to apply to these challenges. Check out our Safety Monitoring solutions for these situations.

Even the best in-house safety manager benefits at times by reaching out to external expert resources to provide safety training for your employees. Nain & Associates provides a wide variety of safety courses for both general industry and construction. They range from Arc Flash Training—all the way to a course on Walking and Working Surfaces. You will find what you need by clicking on the Safety Training button.

And there are times when accidents do happen. It’s certainly best to prevent them, but when they do occur you want to be prepared and minimize the damage. Here again, Nain & Associates can help you, both in the prevention stage and when you need to be involved with mitigating the effects of an accident.

Once your immediate safety needs are addressed, Nain & Associates would encourage you to step back and see how you can develop a culture of safety for your company where everyone is engaged in keeping the work environment healthy and safe—and where hard-earned financial gains aren’t squandered through unnecessary losses.

OSHA Compliance

Nain & Associates can help you assess whether or not you are prepared for an OSHA visit. Or, if they have already visited you and you need help, we have resources for you.

Safety Training

Training is a fundamental component of safe practices. Nain & Associates offers a wide variety of courses which can satisfy OSHA requirements, as well as promote better health and economy within your company.

Safety Monitoring

Whether required by OSHA, or simply needed in your facility, the safety components of your work processes may need to be analyzed and monitored, either for temporary situations or on-going ones. Nain & Associates offers several solutions.

Accident Recovery

For cases where your facility has just experienced an accident or if you are not sure that you are adequately prepared if an accident were to happen, Nain & Associates is a reliable guide.

Customized Services

Nain can create customized programs to meet your specific needs.

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Alcan Flexible

Medical Flexibles

"It has been very beneficial to the Alcan Asheville facility to have you serve as the EHS Manager during the past five months while we were recruiting to fill the position. Your broad base experience in the environmental, safety and health field served you and our business very well. We have accomplished a great deal of successes in the EHS department but here are some highlights:

  1. Recertification in the ISO 14001 and OHSA's 18001 program
  2. In depth Risk Assessments on 21 major machines in the facility with follow up guard and interlock installations. Also, the written work instructions were updated and "Do Not Touch" pictures/diagrams were installed on the machinery.
  3. Submission of the application for the North Carolina Star program
  4. End of year report on the Performance Development and Management for all EHS areas
  5. Completion of the intensive EHS audit process on all ISO/OHSA's procedures with follow up corrective action. Great involvement with the hourly and management staff to achieve this large goal.

There were many other issues that we resolved with your help during your time at Alcan. Your consultant and management support has been appreciated very much and I hope that you continue your great success in the future."

Medical Flexibles

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