Workplace Health & Safety Solutions

At times every company faces workplace safety situations that must be addressed. In-house resources may not be adequate or could be inappropriate. Nain & Associates’ safety consultants is your logical resource.

Facing an OSHA Inspection?

Frequently, company management is worried that an OSHA inspection could result in serious fines. Don’t wait for the inspection and hope for the best. Proactive safety measures can benefit the company’s bottom line if an OSHA inspection is imminent. Even more importantly, creating a safety protocol can save lives! Nain & Associates has solutions that will ensure compliance with the OSHA rules. Nain works with companies and industries based in Charlotte, NC, and throughout the including Atlanta, Greenville/Spartanburg, Asheville and more.

Need Help with Safety Issues?

Perhaps your company isn’t large enough to have a complete in-house safety program. Or maybe you have your own safety department, but are beginning an out-of-the ordinary project such as an industrial turn-around that requires third-party monitoring. Nain & Associates can provide the highest level of expertise for these challenges. Check out our Safety Monitoring solutions for these situations.

Even the best in-house safety manager benefits from reaching out to external expert resources to provide safety training for employees. Nain & Associates provides a wide variety of safety courses for both general industry and construction. They range from Arc Flash Training all the way to a course on Walking and Working Surfaces. You will find what you need by clicking on the Safety Training button.

Already Dealing with a Workplace Accident?

There are times when accidents do happen. It’s certainly best to prevent them, but when they do occur, you want to be prepared and minimize the damage. Again, Nain & Associates can help you, both in the prevention stage and when you need to the effects of an accident.

Once immediate safety needs are addressed, Nain & Associates encourages you to step back and see how developing a culture of safety for the company that engages everyone in the work environment can ensure hard-earned financial goals are not lost to unnecessary fines or costs.


safety customer testimonial

Profile Products

"Thanks so much to you and your team. You all did so much to help us and I know I slept easier at night. We will miss having you guys around but I know that you left us in much better shape. Enjoyed working with all of you. Be safe!!"

Jim Tanner, CEO, Profile Products